Caribou Lake
is a cold water lake with clear to semi-stained water. It’s approximate
20 miles long, over 23,000 acres and depths up to 250 ft deep. Numerous rock bottom
structures with lots of islands and weedy bays offering unlimited fishing opportunities
for Walleye, the rare Blue Walleye, Northern Pike,Whitefish and Lake Trout. Bring
your ultra light fly fishing gear for fast Brook Trout action in near by rivers. Fly fishing,
jigging, casting or trolling, however you like to fish, we guarantee you’ll be enjoying a
fresh, mouth watering, delicious shore lunch or dinner.

*Please use the link on the bottom right to purchase your fishing license online
prior to arrival, we do not sell them at the lodge. There are issuers in Thunder
Bay or get them at the Canadian Visitor Centers when you cross the border.
Make sure you read and understand the fishing regulations prior to arrival.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Practice Conservation
We ask our guests to please practice conservation while your on vacation. Caribou Lake has a healthy fish enviroment due to the practice of catch and release of large, healthy fish. Their the ones that pass on healthy genes and produce ten times more eggs than smaller fish. Besides, the best eaters, especially for Walleye's, are the 15-17 inch ones. So keep the ones your going to eat while here on vacation and let the others go to grow! We appreciate your cooperation to keep Caribou Lake fishery healthy for future generations.

A Walleye's main source of bait is minnows almost all season long. The use of leeches
and crawlers is sporadic throughout the season. When fishing Caribou Lake, always
have a variety
of bait and lures. Early season you can find them by the numerous inlets
and outlets, back bays, channels and along the rocky shoreline. Trolling stick baits or
popping a jig tipped with a minnow along the bottom, will produce an average 16-18 inch delicacy. Have your camera ready in case it’s a 28+ incher or the rare, elusive Blue
Walleye. Stand up jigs are a great producer for hungry Walleye's. Bring lots of jigs of
different colors and sizes, you’ll be sure to need them.

Northern Pike

Pike will feed on anything that moves, walleyes, minnows, crawlers, leeches and cisco.
It’s not unusual to be reeling a walleye and have a pike grab on and try to steal your catch. Giant Northern Pike will challenge your gear. Casting surface or shallow stick baits and deep water trolling will get your heart pounding when a hefty pike follows up for a boat side strike.You can find the pike almost anywhere you opt to fish, around the islands, in weedy bays or off the structures by deep water. For a real heart stopper, try fly fishing for some BIG action. You’ll catch plenty of nice size eaters and take bragging right photos of trophies to show off to your jealous fishing buddies.

Lake Trout

The main source of bait for Trout are cisco and minnows. We have basically 2 kinds,
the “Fats” or “Siscowet”, with off white colored meat, is a good fatty fish for smoking.
The second is called “Lean” or “Mackinaw”, with pink to orange colored meat and is excellent for grilling. Deep water vertical jigging with jigs in white, blue or silver. Anything flashy, such as spoons, will be sure to catch their attention and provoke a strike. Shallow fishing in the early months of the season will get you a nice lunch or dinner for the grill. An evening of trolling will hook you up with a brute and top off the end of a great fishing

Brook Trout

Bring your fly rod or ultra light for some exciting Brook trout fishing near Armstrong.
Several miles of remote roads cross many fast moving cold water streams and rivers.
Spring and fall are the best times for going on a road trip adventure for Brookies.

Caribou Lake offers world class fishery and we ask our guests to help us by practicing
catch and release of trophy fish and the rare Blue Walleye. As we say, fresh is always
better than frozen. Please help us preserve Caribou Lake for future generations to come
and enjoy. We also promote replica mounts as they last much longer than skin mounts
and keeps the best species to continue on the gene pool for trophy fish.

Rental Boats

Our rental boats are 16ft Lund SSV's with electric start 30 Hp Yamaha motors. They come with 2 swivel seats with backs, landing net, bait bucket, two 5 gallon gas tanks, safety kit, 2 paddles and a cooler with ice to keep your catch ice cold and fresh. Very roomy, comfortable and reliable. Boats are gased, baited, iced and cleaned every morning, all you have to do is get in and go fish. 2 people min., 3 people max.

* NO boat rental use if you arrive after 7:30 PM ET on your check-in date.



CONTACT US: Scott and MaryJo Robinson, your hosts
Summer May - Oct - Po Box 128, Armstrong Station, ONT P0T 1A0 Canada
Winter Oct - May - 3780 Trout Lake Road, Woodruff, WI 54568 USA
1-888-RODNGUN (763-6486) /skype in ph# 715-403-5240/skype name:caribouqueen

or local:1- 807-583-2188

Boat/Motor Rental

If you opt to bring a trolling motor, please bring your own battery. Depth finders are a good idea to have but not necessary. Because everyone is so unique in their own way, please bring your own life vests.
We do not rent boats or motors to non-registered guests.
 Renters are advised to consult with their own home owners insurance policies as to whether the rental boat and cabin may be covered if damages occur. If a claim/damages needs to be made where you are utilizing your own insurance or some protection program offered by a credit card company, the claim/damages must be paid directly by you and you can settle with your company as required at a later time. All damages/or missing items will be paid immediately prior to departure.

We highly recommend Trip Cancellation Ins. for any unforseen events.

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